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Face Oil Isn’t Just for Moisturizing

When founder, Monica, decided to start making products for more than herself she knew she wanted to keep things simple. Multi-purpose products that you didn’t need to reorder every month.

Here we explain the reasons why you'll have to re-order less often and be able to use our best selling face oil for more than one step in your facial routine.

One Oil, Two Uses

We've purposefully formulated the Daily Dew with 11 of the most powerful oils for moisturizing, rejuvenating and brightening your skin, but not just in your moisturizing routine. This oil can be used as an oil cleanser as well. We know it sounds counter intuitive to wash your greasy face with oil, but trust us, you'll be thanking us soon.

We believe that simple is better and whats more simple than a product that allows you to skip a step?


Here's how to use a face oil as a cleanser:

1..Using 5-12 drops of face oil (we typically use a full pipette full), massage it into your face with clean hands, dissolving grit and grime. Pro Tip: We like to use the Foreo Luna facial cleanser brush.

2. Apply a warm, damp washcloth to your face for 5-10 seconds and then gently wipe off the excess oil.

Larger Packaging

When deciding what size bottle to package the Daily Dew face oil in, Monica had no question she was going big. She had been a big fan of many face oils prior and couldn't stand paying $90+ dollars for a 30mL bottle of face oil only to need to reorder in a month.

The Daily Dew is packaged in a 100ml bottle. Less re-ordering allows for much less packaging and shipping waste and is friendlier for our environment, not to mention way more convenient. Below you will see about how long a bottle of our Daily Dew will last you when used in a variety of applications daily.

As a Moisturizer 

2x/day: It will last at least 6 months.

1x/day: It will last an entire year.

As a Cleanser:

2x/day: It will last at least 3 months

1x/day: It will last at least 6 months.

As a Cleanser & Moisturizer:

2x/day: It will last at least 2 months

1x/day: It will last at least at least 3 months


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