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Our 5 Favorite Ways to Dew it

Daily Dew started out of pure confusion over the need for a LINE UP of skincare that broke the bank. If you can explain what a toner is, or the difference between a moisturizer and a serum, and the necessity of all of these steps—please elaborate in the comments below. 

We're all about saving time and utilizing said saved time to do something of purpose (netflix, an extra ab work out, walk the dog, enjoy 5 more minutes of our daily run, sleep...) because in the busy entrepreneur life you’ll do anything to save time. I found myself skipping taking care of my skin when it needed it most and let me just say—you could tell.

Daily Dew was developed as a functional unit in your skin care “Line up,” or just to wipe out your “line up” all together. I’ve found it to be useful in a number of ways… below are my absolute favorites! 


This is my FAVORITE step of my morning routine. I wake up (groggy as all hell) and walk into my bathroom, fill up a cup of cold water and then switch on the hot water. While the water warms up (our pipes are cold in Wyoming), I gulp down the cold water and put a full dropper of Daily Dew Face Oil into my hands – massaging the oil onto my face and neck. Once I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of my own little mini facial – I take a *CLEAN* wash cloth and run it under the warm water, saturating it and ringing it out. I then take this and wipe off excess oil on my face. Still confused? – Check out this video.



I live in the Teton’s and at altitude the sun is harsh. I also love to surf—spending 6 months of the year with my skin covered up means that I am very fair skinned and super sensitive to sun burns and damage when in the ocean. On a cleansed face I will take 4-5 drops of Daily Dew Face Oil and simply push/press the oil onto my skin to relieve it after a long day of sun exposure. The baobab oil and pomegranate seed oil helps regenerate and revive skin after being exposed to the harsh rays.

In addition to my face – the ocean water can be super drying to my body and hair, the salt water sucking every last but of moisture right out of my skin and hair. I love lathering up in the Daily Dew Body Oil – including throwing a oil bun in my hair to help replenish moisture after a long day in the ocean. My recommendation? After rinsing (body and hair) coat yourself in oil while still wet. The oils will help LOCK IN moisture.


This is not super glamorous… or is it?! The body oil is my go to for down there. Shaving, waxing, trimming or not – I like to take preventative measures to assure that I’m not getting in grown hairs. I take 2-3 pumps of the body oil after every shower and coat my entire pelvic/bikini line area. No red bumps, in-growns or otherwise here! 


I’m not someone who showers every morning and “does” their hair. I go to bed with a wet head and wake up hoping my hair looks perfectly tousled, this rarely happens. Whether it’s that frizzy air dry situation, or post blow dry, both the body and face DEW are great for a quick taming. I’ll typically just run my hands through and over my hair after applying the daily liquid gold to my face and wa-la! 



This is the obvious one. But, I recently was traveling and didn’t have my DEW. My face felt shriveled, dry and I was not feeling very vibrant. I apply the face oil twice if not three times daily – just a few drops push/pressed onto my face. Even my fiancé says my skin is noticeably different since I started using it. My skin glows, fine lines have come to a screeching halt and sun kissed glows seem to last longer. 

We’ve seen our oils used as beard oil, paint remover, baby drool rash banisher, added into soaking tubs, hair masques, shaving ‘lotion,’ wind burn protectant among many other things. 

How are you DEWing it?


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