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Shop Women: Holiday Gift Guide

Did you know that as of 2015 there were more S&P 1500 CEOs named John than women of any name?

...We’re not okay with that either, which is why we’ve joined a community of women in leadership to encourage you to vote for Women with your dollars this holiday season.  When we say “Vote Women.” we are asking that you support brands that are female-founded or have female CEOs/Presidents this holiday season by shopping consciously for brands with females at the helm.

Our (female) founder has put together her favorite items all found on the ShopWomen Directory on


Wild Rye: Mauana Kea Legging

I haven't had the chance to ski in these yet (although I can't wait to) but I have gotten out for some snowy winter runs and I'm obsessed! I have yet to find a winter base layer that fits so well and makes my significant other stare at my rear! 

Noso Patches

These would make for the perfect stocking stuffer. I jumped the gun and purchased these last week because my puppy has destroyed all of my puffy's and they need a little TLC.

Oiselle - Fly Out Bra

I've been wanting this sports bra since I saw it on instagram earlier this year. Are you ever at the gym or headed out for a run and while you wish you could leave your phone at home you really want to listen to Beyonce? This bra seems like it would solve the dilemma.

Sufferfest Beer Taper IPA

If my stocking was full of these I would not be upset. Honestly one of the more delicious IPA's I've had (and I've had a lot) and it is gluten removed so that will certainly help reduce the turkey farts. Wellness - Daily Dew Face Oil

I'm biased. But I can't go a day (or half a day) without this stuff. It's the one thing I make sure to throw in my gym bag and bring with me everywhere. From cleansing to moisturizing my dry high alpine skin needs this.

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