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How We Launched and Made Mistakes Launching A Skincare Brand

Since the beginning of the internet I've found myself going down worm holes trying to figure out a little bit of information about who is behind the brands that inspire me. Where did their idea come from? Who are they? How did they become "qualified?" How did they start?

So - if you've found this post and you're wondering... who is behind this brand and where did it start? Read on my friends!

When I launched Wellness in June 2018, I was working as the Sr. Integrated Marketing Manager for an action sports film company. Not long after launching, I switched jobs and joined Rex Specs as their Marketing Director. In short, my background is primarily media and marketing. started as a need for me. I have always been super curious about skincare and "beauty" but in reality, I'm a bit of a jock who hardly ever wears make-up and considers washing my face in the shower (with bar soap) to be a "beauty routine." As I've gotten into my late 20's I've started to notice some (friendly) aging from the amount of time I spend out in the elements (sun, wind, dry climate). I wanted something simple, natural and with an ingredients list I could understand.

For a long time I just used coconut oil. You could buy it anywhere there was a grocery store, I could use it on my face, my body and in my hair—but, it was greasy, I hated the coconut jar spoon on my bathroom counter, it solidified in the winter and pretty much destroyed my white sheets (they're now a nice brownish color).

I started reading about other oils that mimicked the natural "grease" of our skin and was pleasantly surprised to find so many plant based oils that had a lot of amazing benefits for our skin and were considered "dry" oils (wouldn't leave grease).

The experimentation began and eventually Daily Dew Oil was a thing.

We launched our store in June and can’t be any more pleased with all of the support from people like you.

Entering the crowded market that is “all natural” / “craft” / “indie” skincare is a daunting task especially when your not quite sure how your different than the next. We launched knowing we had a product that we loved and used everyday and hoped we would find our tribe who felt the same.

Below are some of of the key learnings from our first 6 months in business:

Email is king (or queen) build your subscriber list and serve them. Social is of course important but your subscribers love you. If you're looking for information on growing your subscriber list we reccomend checking out Jenna Kutcher’s list to launch program.

Take your time with branding. We decided in an afternoon how our labels would look and we made some mistakes. We had over 500 😱 printed and after selling about 60 decided we wanted to change it all. Now we're eating that original investment.

Look for your niche and don’t try to do it all. We launched thinking we would have a whole line of products and after 6 months we don't want that at all! We feel like we have finally found our niche and are ready to charge at that. As you may have noticed we recently changed from Wellness to Daily Dew Oil. We have decided that our strength lies in that one product that is super versatile. Like I said, I hardly used any products before I made my own, why should I try to sell people on a line of products? We are focusing on 1-2 multi-use, simplistic, products that are really versatile for busy athletes, parents, travelers, entrepreneurs, etc who don't have time to go through the cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize, face mask bull shit! One product in your bag that you can use for just about anything (skin, hair, nails, chafe, paint remover, beard, down there,..)

Take change lightly. We realized within the first few months that one of our products just didn’t work to be shipped in summer heat and that’s okay! That product was a pain in the ass to make anyway so we decided not worth the hassle and are discontinuing it. (There is some stock left that is shipping great now that temps are cooler and you can get yours for 30% off with code BYEBYEBODYBUTTER).

See every step of the way as a learning opportunity. Every day there is a new challenge to face and you've got to just charge forward, learn and adapt. I've found it so easy to get down on myself and wonder why I'm doing this.  Most of the time a sale will immediately come in and that feeling gets wiped away. So - Thank you to all of our customers who keep us going when we aren't sure we want to!

Don't be afraid to ask for help. I have been blown away by how many people are willing to help and share their skills. THANK YOU to everyone who has stepped up and lent a hand.

In 2019 we are looking forward to this knowledge list growing. We are excited to hear from all of you what you think about our product and are hoping to see it stocked on a few more shelves, in a few more gym bags, nestled on a few more vanities and enjoyed by a few more friends.

 I am so grateful to everyone who has purchased from us in the last 6 months. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Here's to dewing it in 2019!


Founder & Chief Toxin Hater

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  • I have use a lot of products in the past years and this is one of the best I have ever found! I will definitely be a recurring customer – keep up the good work!

    Lisa Friesecke

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